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For the first time in our national history,
a multi-million dollar publishing company was closed in just one day.

Not a peep from the press!

Who's Who Worldwide Registry, largest executive club ever created.... poof!
Gone in a cloud of corporate and governmental corruption.
Seventy thousand executives cheated by their own government, not a word.

From tens of millions of dollars per year to zero in an instant.

No warning, no admonishments. Nothing but approval from the government. In point of testimonialized fact, the U.S. Postal Inspector who'd committed millions of tax dollars investigating and prosecuting Who's Who Worldwide... repeatedly gave the publisher a clean bill of health, followed up by a similar finding by a federal district court judge. This case goes far beyond standard operating procedures.

To further demonstrate the governmental/judicial corruption present in this case, that same United States Postal Inspector, Martin Beigelman, who had supervised a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investigation of Who's Who Worldwide, and who had allegedly received a confession from one of the defendants, NEVER APPEARED AT TRIAL!! He remained, sans explanation, "unavailable" for days, weeks, and months of trial... magically re-appearing on CBS's 60 minutes in his new sinecure position in private industry, having bolted his government job without warning after something like eighteen years with the Postal Service.   What an unpleasant stench wherever this man's name comes up. Yet again, the Court looked the other way at this bizarre turn of events, including Beigelman's non-appearance at trial.

He was repeatedly present during pre-trial hearings, where rules of evidence are far more relaxed than during a trial itself. He appeared at these pre-trial hearings, repeatedly perjured himself... then simply disappeared. the government claimed he was 'on assignment' too far away to be called for trial. Weeks and weeks and more weeks of trial came and went, with no Beigelman.

Not for the first or only time in the Who's Who Worldwide Registry trial, we observe the appearance of impropriety or worse:
The Court claimed as its basis for convicting one obviously innocent defendant, Rubin -- innocent based not only on evidence, as well by the exculpating testimony of every prosecution witness who was questioned about Mr. Rubin -- a confession allegedly given to Inspector Beigelman... although Beigelman never appeared at trial!! The witness, an IRS agent, claimed that he'd "overheard" Mr. Rubin confessing guilt to Beigelman.

No, there was no signed confession, or even a signed statement, no Miranda acknowledgement (or refusal), no recordings or signed statements; no, not even typed or handwritten notes that every good law enforcement agent is trained to maintain.

This IRS agent, offering the only evidence or testimony against Rubin... swore under oath that he remembered the confession verbatim, from years earlier. Still, the Court accepted Beigelman's non-appearance in the case, and believed this lone dissenting prosecution witness, NOT believing all the other prosecution witnesses regarding Rubin, convicting Rubin on this one undocumented, highly suspicious third-party claim alone. This can hardly sustain Judge Arthur Spatt's reputation in a positive way, calling into question either his competence or his willingness to be swayed by factors outside the courtroom.

The sitting judge, who'd already dismissed this case once, accepted many weeks of testimony and evidence that clearly exculpated the salespeople who were charged with wrongdoing, yet this judge who'd studied the case for months before dismissing it previously, refused to dismiss the charges again.

Maybe it's coincidence that, after trial's end, that same federal judge was seen driving a new vehicle that didn't merely cost more than any other vehicle he'd ever owned, rather, a vehicle that cost more than every vehicle that elderly judge had ever owned, all added up together over a half-century! Did his tastes suddenly change?

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        Some Members      Trial Transcript      USA's best      Managing Directors      Jury was dirty?      Political   
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  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

Dirtiest Trials of the 20th Century - Miscarriages of Justice

How rare it is to find a case that can offer not merely two or three, instead, more than a dozen major reasons for overturning that conviction.
Here is a case studied by a respected federal judge for many months, who found that no crime had been committed, and dismissed the case.

Reed Elsevier, Ltd, as the single richest and most powerful publisher in more than one hundred countries around the world,
easily. empirically and truthfully described as one of the most corrupt corporations in all of human history,
perverted the foundations of American justice in the Who's Who Worldwide case with cash, power, and perqs.

Imagine a trial where not ten percent of the proceedings have ANY connection with most of the defendants.
That alone should require a separation of trial. In this case, NOT EVEN ONE PERCENT of the proceedings,
accusations, presented evidence, or accepted facts, had anything to do with the "sales" defendants.

The Who's Who Worldwide case was all about Bruce Gordon, his machinations and his accountant,
and the many companies operated in secrecy by Gordon and Liz Sauter, his true "henchman."

For days and days and weeks and weeks, all the discussion was about Gordon and his actions.
Prosecution witness after prosecution witness exculpated the sales defendants, yet,
this same judge who had previously dismissed the case after months of study,
was under one of the worst pressures any judge can be subjected to:
pressure from the federal court of appeals above him, who, in
New York's bailiwick, remains under the control of....
Reed Elsevier, the most powerful force today
in the American arena of jurisprudence.

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